Karate Self Defense Techniques

self defense techniques

These street self defense techniques have been grouped into categories according to the type of "situation" a person is involved in.

The exercises cover a variety of situations ranging from Karate defenses against hand and wrist grips by an assailant, to responses against knife and gun attacks.

How Should You Use These Techniques?

I remember my childhood days when I use to get books about Karate from my local library, read them, check out the pictures, and somehow practice them for half an hour or so.

In my young and naive mind, I had already learned how to defend myself should the need arise.

As you may have guessed it... it didn't work quite the way I expected it.

A friendly poster in a forum reminded me of this not long ago, when he asked whether you can learn Karate or any other self defense technique through a website or an ebook.

My answer to his question was "no".

There is simply no substitute for self defense classes, or proper self defense instruction.

Of course, if you have the foundations, you may expand your knowledge through books and websites.

And if you are a beginner, books and websites may inspire you, or even help you expand on your budding skills.

This website is designed as a reference resource for those interested in martial arts, especially Karate.

Some of the situations for these techniques may look "too simple", and even ridiculous. However, remember that the purpose of these exercises is to build skill upon skill to prepare you for more complex and dangerous situations.

Finally, remember that reading these self defense techniques alone will not equip you to fight effectively against a knife or a gun. For that you need lots of practice and experience.

These exercises are a start...

Self Defense Techniques Against Grips.

Karate Techniques Against Knife Attacks.

Techniques Against Club Attacks.

Karate Defense Drills Against Guns and Pistols.

Karate Self Defense Drills for Women.