Self Defense Techniques Against Grips and Holds

These are 3 karate self defense techniques you can use against grips and holds.

These, of course, are not the only situations, nor the only techniques. There are many more complex situations and ways of dealing with them. But these are 3 basic techniques you can practice for the time being:

First Situation

You are walking down a dark street. A man creeps up behind you. He grabs your right hand, pulls and twists it from behind in an attempt to get a strangle-hold on you.

street self defense

karate self defense self defense techniques

HOW TO DEFEND: Swing the foot opposite the hand being held and attack his face with smashing blows.

Second Situation

Your opponent walks close behind you, and suddenly pulls your right hand back and with the same motion pushes your shoulder forward.

second self defense technique second self defense technique.

HOW TO DEFEND: Don't hesiĀ­tate a moment. In this self defense technique you give him the mule kick from the rear, right to his solar plexus.

This will loosen his grip and then you can either escape, or escalate your counter attack to render him harmless.

Third Situation

Two men sneak up behind you. Each grabs a hand, pulls it back and pushes your shoulders forward. What do you do?

Self defense techniques situation 3

Self defense techniques situation 3 Self defense techniques situation 3

HOW TO DEFEND: Attack one opponent with a rear mule kick. Attack second opponent with elbow blow to ribs. Free your self and run for safety.

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