More Karate Warm Up Exercises

These Karate warm up exercises will help you develop and strengthen muscles which are important in executing Karate techniques and motions.

It is wise to practice these advanced calisthenics.

Push-ups, for instance, will help strengthen the legs and arms.

You should be able to do 15 or 25 pushups a day.

Moja Rone also suggests "Rabbit hopping", especially with your hands clasped behind your back.

Leg Lifting

Place hands against a wall, lean your body forward and quickly lift the knee as high as you can.

After steady practice you will be able to lift it right to your upper chest!

Do 10 repetitions for each leg for starters, and increase the number of reps over time.

karate warm up exercise: leg lifting

Karate Warm Up Exercise: Leg Lifting

Punching a Bag

Karate exercisesPunching the bag is an excellent way to sharpen your reflexes, and get more steam into your overhead punches.

Keep slugging away according to the correct principles of Karate. However, for the purposes of developing speed and stamina, it would not hurt if you got yourself a good boxing training video, and practice boxing drills.

If you're doing this exercise to practice different punches, rather than developing stamina, speed and coordination, then go right ahead. Practice the one-knuckle, middle knuckle, knife hand, back of hand, clenched fist strokes. Dance around the bag. Strike from awkward positions... have fun!

Push Ups

Push-Ups are one of the basic muscle strengthening exercises practiced by the United States Marines, by tough Commando troops, by F.B.I, men and police trainees everywhere.

Push-Ups, too, should be practiced by the Karatekas in training every day! It's the ideal exercise for the chest, arms, stomach, back, ankles, wrists!

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise
karate warm up exercise

Rabbit Hopping

Another good Karate Warm Up exercise for your legs is called Rabbit-Hopping. I'm sure the Japanese has a more respectful term for this exercise... but this is what Moja Rone (bless his soul) calls it. :-)

As the name implies, you hop around the room like a rabbit.

It sounds easy but once you try it, you'll wonder how rabbits do it so gracefully (and without getting so tired!).

But don't despair! Keep trying it and you'll master it as well as Bugs Bunny.

This Karate warm up exercise strengthens muscles used in jumping and kicking.

Hop a few feet each day; then increase the distance until you can rabbit-hop about 75 feet!

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise

karate warm up exercise

Other Karate Warm Up Exercises

Moja Rone suggests 3 more activities you could undertake to warm up before practicing Karate. They are not really "Karate warm up exercises", but you can do them to warm up your body before doing the serious stuff.

First, he suggests throwing your right straight out-as if you were punching a bag. This helps give you proper leverage. Try several repetitions when warming up.

A more effective variation of this is "Shadow Boxing", which is a very basic warm up exercise for boxers and kick boxers. A few minutes of practicing puch combinations ("combos") will increase your heart rate and warm up your upper body.

Then, he suggests marching around the room like a soldier, and says that this exercise helps improve your knee thrusts.

Again, in kickboxing, you practice knee thrusts alternating both legs. You do this several times (10 to 20 reps per leg?), as if you were thrusting your knee into your opponent's stomach whilst pushing his/her head down with your forearms.

Finally, he suggests high leg kicking as another warm up exercises you can practice. he says:

If you've ever visited New York City, you've undoubtedly seen and admired the precision dancing and leg kicking of the world-famous Rockettes on the stage of the Radio City Music Hall. You should try kicking your leg up too. This is an excellent exercise for strengthening leg muscles.

You have to be careful, however, in doing this exercise when you're already warm, as you could injure your leg if you do this when cold.

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