Karate Elbow Strikes

Karate Elbow Strikes.

Karate elbow strikes play a very important, indispensable role in a fight.

Your elbow is one of the most damaging striking weapons.

You normally target your opponent's face or head, but you can also target other vulnerable spots.

Kickboxing and other fighting systems use it, and there is no reason why you should not use it as part of your Karate striking arsenal.

Listed below are some of the many positions that can be used with the elbow:

  • Elbow Strike Straight Up
  • Elbow Strike Straight Down
  • Elbow Rake Strike
  • Elbow Back Strike
  • Elbow High Rear Strike
  • Elbow Circular Strike
  • The Forearm Strike

Karate Elbow Strike Straight Up

Karate Elbow Strike Stright Up

The striking point is the tip of the elbow. Clench fist, extend elbow.

Bring forearm back toward you.

Strike your opponent with a fast upward stroke.

Strike an opponent on the chin with an elbow thrust and it's "chins up" for your foe as he (or she) looks at the ceiling lying on his (or her) back!

Karate Elbow Strike Straight Down

Again the striking point is the tip of the elbow.

Clench fist, extend elbow high up, bring forearm back toward you.

Strike your opponent in a downward fashion.

Karate Elbow Rake Strike

Extend the elbow away from you. Clench your fist.

Bring forearm back close to you.

Charge your foe by moving elbow side to side in raking or jabbing motion.

Karate Elbow Back Strike

Karate Elbow Rake Strike.

Bend forearm at the waist.

Extend fingers straight out, stiff and close together (as in the Knife Position).

Stab or jab an opponent straight back.

Karate Elbow High Rear Strike

Karate Elbow High Rear Strike. Here is another powerful Karate striking point.

Extend fingers straight out and close together, keep palm down and arm rigid.

Bend forearm to the waist.

Strike your opponent upward and to the rear by slightly turning your body away from him at the precise moment you attack.

You should practice this movement carefully, preferably in "slow motion" in front of a large mirror.

Proper balance and stance are vital to execute this motion with a high degree of perfection.

Karate Elbow Circular Strike

Karate Elbow Circular Strike.

Another good striking point with the tip of the elbow is called the Elbow Circular Strike.

Fingers are held straight out and close together, palm to you.

Attack to the rear in a circular, grinding movement.

Strike to the solar plexus or ribs.

The Forearm Strike

Karate Forearm Attack. This position is widely used in blocking, but Ninjukai and Ninjitsu practitioners use it also to strike opponents..

You can use the outside edge of the forearm or the inside edge of the forearm.

Both are equally effective, and one advantage of using your forearms is that you can use both right and left forearms.

You don't have to be ambidexterous (able to use both arms with the same degree of dexterity) to apply powerful blows on your opponent's rib cage, back, or head.

You can practice this special karate strike on a punching bag.

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