Karate Blocks Part 3

This section includes karate blocks against: attacks to the face (the X block), 2 fisted attacks (the Peek-a-boo block), blow to the ear, and back handed jabs.

Karate Block Against Attack to the Face

Karate X Block A very successful defense against an attack to the face or stomach is called the X-Block.

You can block upwards against an attack, or downward to defend against a blow to your groin.

The X-Block is so named because the arms form an X This is comparatively easy to master.

Remember to leave your hands open. This gives you an opportunity to grasp your opponent's wrist or thumbs in a counterattack.

Karate Defense Against Two Fisted Attack

The Peek a Boo Karate Defense

Occasionally a foe might try to overpower you with a double fisted attack, or try to grab your coat lapels and throw you to the ground. I really hate it when that happens!

A good blocking technique against this aggression is called the Peek-A-Boo defense.

You put up both fists in front of your face, knuckles pointed outward, elbows should be pointed downward.

You peek over the fists. In this way, your adversary has a small, concentrated target to shoot at. Yet you are able to observe his every move.

Karate Block Against a Blow to the Ear (The Hook Defense)

The Hook Defense Your opponent throws a sharp overhead left to the side of your head.

A quick and easy karate block is called the "Hook Defense".

You bend your right elbow sharply and swing the forearm back with your wrist almost cupping your ear.

You have successfully thwarted the overhead punch with your wrist.

You then seize your foe's upper sleeve and yank downward.

Follow thru with a left smash to the face or solar plexus.

Sweep Defense Against a Back Handed Jab

Sweep Karate Block

Here is a relatively easy defense that requires a minimum of energy.

Your enemy tries to strike you with a back handed fist.

You quickly sweep aside the blow with your palm or wrist.

He's thrown off balance, and you're ready to throw him for a loop.

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