Welcome to Karate Made Easy!

Karate Made Easy is an edited and updated online copy of Moja Rone's book Super Karate Made Easy, which was published back in 1960 in the United States of America.

In this book, Moja Rone tried to get the most basic and essential self defense techniques from the Okinawan martial art.

We must remember that, even in the 1960s, Oriental martial arts were still a bit of a novelty in America.

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Boxing and other Western fighting styles were popular, but Karate was seen with an almost mystic aura back then, and Moja Rone - like many others - decided to introduce Karate in its simplest form to those searching for this kind of information.

The book originally touched upon the history of Karate very briefly and, as some experts have rightly pointed out, Moja Rone's account is - somehow - historically inaccurate. To address this problem I have added relevant information, and links to other more reliable sources dealing with that topic.

His book, however, focused more on attempting to show "Karate ways" (so to speak) of defending yourself from street attacks by thugs. He outlined ways of attacking your opponents with hands and kicks, and defenses against different forms of attacks (like attacks with knives, guns and baseball bats). He also included a chapter on Self Defense tips for women.

Moja Rone does not use Japanese terms to discribe punches, kicks and other Karate moves. Instead, he gives such moves plain English names. Many have criticized him for this deadly sin.

I reckon his aim in writing that book was to give people a taste of Karate, rather than teaching them to speak Japanese! ;-)

Moreover, many of his techniques are, in highsight, wrong and ineffective. As a matter of fact, I remember the disappointment and almost indignation I had the first time I read the book!

Having been exposed not only to Karate, but also to other martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Ninjukai, Wing Chun, and Kick Boxing, I felt that the techniques Moja Rone included were very basic and plain wrong in some cases.

Why have I included them here, then?

Bruce Lee said "Absorb What Is Useful; Reject What is Useless."

Well, my goal is to make you curious. I want you to check out the techniques Moja Rone shows you, and draw your own conclusions.

But I won't leave it at that. I have started a newsletter from this site, in which I include self defense techniques, articles and discussions about self defense techniques from other martial arts, as well as reviews of self defense sites, books, DVDs and gear.

I hope you find this site useful and interesting. If you do, please spread the word... or even better: subscribe to the newsletter!

Sincerely Yours,

Debbie Wright

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History of Karate: Where did karate originate? How did it become popular?
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Karate Warm Up Exercises
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Karate Hand Strikes
An outline of karate hand strikes must commonly (and effectively) used in self-defense.
Karate Elbow Strikes
Karate elbow strikes can be devastating for those who receive a blow. The main target for this technique is the opponent's head or face, but there are other vulnerable points you can apply them to.
Karate Knee Techniques
Karate knee techniques for close quarters fights: knee smash, knee side smash, knee down smash,
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Traditional Karate Equipment For Training
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Karate Stances
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Karate Blocking Techniques
karate blocking techniques are an essential part of a fighter's training. It is useful to learn and practice these techniques, and they may even work sometimes... not always, though.
Karate Blocks: 1st Part
Group 1 of Karate blocks.
Karate Blocks Part 2
These karate blocks include defenses against a left hook, a right fist, a low right hook, and a kick to your groin.
Karate Blocks Part 3
karate blocks against attacks to the face (the X block), 2 fisted attacks, blow to the ear, and back handed jabs.
Karate Blocks Part 4
More karate blocks, including: blocks against blow to groin, leg attacks, general attacks, and against sneak attacks.
Karate Counter Attacks
Karate counter attacks are techniques involving simultaneous blocking and retaliation, usually aimed at vulnerable pressure points in your opponent's body.
Karate Counter Attacks: Part 1
Karate counter attacks including
Karate Counter Attacks: Part 2
More karate counter attacks, including: foot kick, hand crush, double hand and poking counter attacks.
Karate Counter Attack Techniques Part 3
More Karate counter attack techniques including: pushing, one hand, back of head, and waist squeeze counter attacks.
Karate Counter Attacks: Part 4
These Karate counter attacks include the "waist squeeze", "Arms Pinned", "Front Hair", and "Rear Hair" techniques.
Karate Counter Attacks: Part 5
More Karate Counter Attacks including:
Karate Counter Attacks: Part 6
Karate counter attacks including: "Extended Front Choke", and "Solar Plexus" Techniques.
Karate Self Defense Techniques
Karate self defense techniques involve the combination of all the basics (punches, knee strikes, kicks, elbow strikes, etc) in a given situation of danger (street self defense techniques).
Self Defense Techniques Against Grips
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Self Defense Techniques Against Knife Attacks
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Karate Self Defense Techniques Against Club Attacks
Four Basic self defense techniques against club attacks. No, not against other martial arts clubs, but against attacks by a person wielding a club or baseball bat!
Self Defense Techniques Against Long Pole ("Bo") Attacks.
Four basic Karate self defense techniques against long pole (known as "Bo") attacks.
Self Defense Techniques Against Guns and Pistols
Four basic self defense techniques against guns. Caution: Only for experienced martial arts practitioners.
Self Defense Techniques For Women
8 Self defense techniques for women. They won't make you a complete karateka, but at least will give you a chance in some situations.
More Traditional Karate Equipment
More traditional karate equipment. I also include links to a couple of Wing Chun wooden dummy desings (and a video link for a modern alternative!). Check it out!
Traditional Karate Defensive Stances
Traditional karate defensive stances, including Spring Attack, Smash Attack, Double Knife, and more stances.
Welcome to Self Defense Made Easy!
Self defense tips and techniques from Karate and other fighting systems. Welcome to Self Defense Made Easy!
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